Saturday, October 07, 2006

Arrival in China & the Moon Festival

Here it is, the inaugural blog that marks the beginning of my adventure in the land of Bamboo! I've been here just 9 days now and things are going quite well! I've got a great temporary place to live, at the southside of Kunming. Life here is quite a bit more modern than expected, but I think I can live with that. :) We celebrated the Moon Festival last night (didn't you?). In case you've forgotten, it's a time when family likes to be together! In the past if you were apart from family or a special someone and you missed them, this would be the night that you look up at the moon and eat your moon cake and know that you are together because you are both looking at the moon on this night. Well, now we live in the internet age, but we still lit paper lanterns, ate moon cakes, and stared at the cloudy sky where the moon must have been hiding. One last note - these moon cakes seem a bit strange to me, being a newcomer to China and all...somewhat sweet but with a hardboiled egg yoke in the center? Well, welcome to China!

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