Friday, October 13, 2006

Last night in Chengdu

My last night in can I make the best of it? Well, I chose to go out with some friends to the Minority university and participate in the English Corner. I'd never been to one before so I wasn't sure what to expect...Let me put it plainly - it means being mobbed by as many nationals as can be in ear-shot!

Many are shy and don't try to speak, others want to strike up conversations to practice their English and learn more about us foreigners...Questions range from the usual 'where are you from' to 'how do different generations in America relate?'. Many wanted to know what I was doing in China, if I had visited their province before, what my job was, etc.... :) It was a great time!
Before hand we walked over to the table-tennis area and showed them how Americans play... :)

(Table-Tennis Friends)

And in the evening we did something you probably have trouble believing I would be involved in... We went for Karaoke! Scary!! We had a good time though and lots of laughs....

(Karaoke Action)

(So Happy, Singing .... Together!)

Thought I'd include a few photos this time, hope you enjoy them!

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