Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have you been to Laos?

Let's start by making one thing very clear. This American body does not fit well in Chinese sleeper buses. I think it's great that there are sleeper buses! I don't recall seeing on in the states, ever. But I don't fit. While not tall, my shoulders are a bit broad...and cannot possibly fit in the metal railings without some serious surgery. So after 12 hours on an overnight bus to Laos, I was feeling pretty stiff and tired.
(Major road in Laos)

Will you please raise your hand if you've been to Laos? Better yet, leave a comment - I can't see your hands... :)

Welcome to a different pace of life! I admit Kunming is already pretty relaxed, but Laos seems quite sedate. I was passing through, on my way to Thailand. I REALLY enjoy seeing new places! Laos has a jungle/hills feel to it. There doesn't seem to be any hurrying going on by anyone. Huts and houses are generally spread out and form small villages. Beautiful in it's way, although those unused to quiet might feel a bit disturbed by the lack of action.. I saw alot of young people and I got a strong impression of just taking life as it comes to them. Why worry about tomorrow? What will be, will be. Perhaps this is the influence of Buddhism? I sensed that the people believed themselves to be in a stream (of time or life) and they were content to go where the current took them. Well, enough about that.

(Typical home I saw)

What I would like to know is: what's with all the foreigners? I saw atleast a few dozen during my day and a half of travel. What are they all doing there? Did each one take a wrong turn somewhere? I teamed up with an Israeli who was travelling in the same direction as I. He was studying sports medicine in Thailand and was making a visa trip to Laos - and why not do a tour while he was there? Interesting place, I might go through again next year..or maybe Burma? Time will tell.

(Israeli guy I met)

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