Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yunnan - Cloud South

Well I have some good news! The one relative had a heart attack and wasn't expected to around for more than a couple of days, but subsequent news came that it was a minor heart attack, not major. My Aunt's funeral was last weekend. I haven't heard any news however. She was quite the Aunt and I'll remember her well.

Okay, time to get back into the swing of things once again. I still have a few 'gems' from the Thailand trip! One thing that captured my attention was this sign... This 'place of business' was across the street from the hotel I stayed in for a few days. What do you think?

So if I understand correctly, they advertise drug addiction therapy and methadone detox, but they also provide various drugs including meths? Are they trying to ween people off the drugs, or is their 'therapy' accomplished by using drugs? For a price comparison I think that they are selling the methadone for US$10. Now I lived in a place in New York where we had a guy going door to door selling pot, so this doesn't shock me overly, but it does seem strange to not only advertise on a shop front, but to advertise next to services for detox.... Who knows? It's a strange world.

And in lighter news - in the last month we've had a total of two cloudy days and absolutely no rain. I really really like Kunming!


Joel "Jaykul" Bennett said...

Well hey now! Methadone's widely used for treating heroin addiction ... but it's also addictive (and generally requires years of weaning to get off it)... fact sheet ;)

Richard in Kunming said...

Thanks Jaykul! Good to 'see' ya by the way! I've noticed activity beginning to pick back up on your own blog recently. Yeah, good ol' Meths! :)