Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chengjiang Lake

Yeah. I'm still alive. :)

It's been quite awhile since the last post. There's a principle that you may have heard "With great power comes great responsibility". Well there's one that's alot like it, having to do with the amount of work you're given being proportional to the amount of skills you have....

Yeah. I've been studying alot and spending way too much time helping out with technical computer issues.

Anyway, on to Chengjiang Lake! A little while back I went for a trip to Chengjiang. To be honest I wasn't especially impressed with the place - small, rural, not much flavor to it in my opinion. But the lake! Oh the Lake! Looks pretty good, doesn't it? :)

Maybe next year I can find a way to go out sailing for a bit. I gotta say, I am kinda hooked on sepia tone shots. What do you think?

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