Thursday, June 07, 2007

Have bicycle, will travel

Okay, so you know how it is, right? You know you've been doing something alot, but you didn't know just how much.

For example maybe you know you were putting on weight, but didn't realize it was that much weight. Or you know you repeat your stories, but didn't realize how much till everyone in the room starting telling it word for word with you. Know what I'm talking about?

So I knew that ever since I got my bicycle I've been doing alot of traveling around. When it is always ATLEAST half the time of going somewhere on the bus, why wouldn't you go by bicycle? Well I picked up a fancy new speedometer for it which just seemed like fun at the time. No, it isn't actually a practical expense. Yes, for the same price I could have bought 25 bowls of fried rice with potato & green pepper. Such is China. But it's pretty cool! Keeps track of how far, how long it took, how fast I'm currently going, and best of all what time is it.

Curious how many kilometers I cycle in a week? Take a look!

For all of you good friends in the States who do not understand kilometers, that is 71.2 miles. I knew I was traveling alot every week, but this? I may not be as fast as I was over ten years ago as a teenager, but I can cover more distance. Now if only I was losing a few kg's as a result of the exercise....

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