Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Journey to the West Mountains ... & Kunming Zoo

I met up with a friend of mine from back home and he's been taking me around Kunming, showing me some of the tourist stuff! I'm not usually one for tourist sights, but for some reason I've felt differently this time...On the 28th we went to the West Mountains, and it was AWESOME! It's off of the southwest side of the city, just across the lake. After travelling through the smog filled city day after day, this was truely a breath of fresh air. We took a taxi up the mountain, but many were walking along the road...It would take them probably 4-5 hours to get to the very top! Anyway, besides the clean air, green trees, and beautiful view, the best part of the trip was an artist. :) For ¥7 he would paint your name on a banner, with amazing colors and cool stuff worked into it like butterflies, bamboo, sunrise, etc... The photo is a bit blurry because he moved so fast and with that ... well ... artistic flair. :) Then they laminate it for you - a must have for your wall at home!

(The Amazing Artist of the West Mountains)

Two days later I got a chance to go to the Kunming Zoo! Everybody loves the Zoo, right? Well, I found it to be so-so. Not much money for this zoo, located in the center of downtown Kunming. The animals are mostly kept in small cages which was especially sad for the lions and tigers. In fact, they're often just conrete and metal bars, not even trees or grass. There are some really nice paths though, and in the spring time with everything blossoming I bet it looks and smells fabulous! A guess it's a cross between a park and a zoo. I think I'll go back again some time with some friends..

("Monkey Island" - at the Kunming Zoo)


John said...

The new wild animal park north of town sounds like a much better place. The animal habitats are quite roomy.

In a different vein, the Yunnan Minorities Village on Lake Dianchi is a great place to spend a day.

Richard in Kunming said...

I heard about the place to the north, it was described to me as more of a "safari" zoo. Sounds exciting! :) I missed my chance to go to the minorities village a few weeks ago, mayble I'll get another chance in the next month or so. :)