Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

So you'd like to think that something like getting internet hooked up would be straight forward, right? Well perhaps is should be, but it was anything but.... But I'll save that one to grumble about another time. Instead, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We definately celebrated here. I got together with all my foreign friends and we had a HUGE feast - including turkey! The food was incredible and plentiful. We then went out for a guys and girls game of American football! Boy am I out of shape... Well, that's not true. Round is a shape too.

Sunday we went for another round of football - this time guys only, four on four, tackle! We had an awesome time...I was the star running back! :) One little oops happened on the last play of the day though....I tackled a guy pretty hard & smashed facces with him. There's still one or two teeth that I can't feel. They're there, but still numb. Oops!

The apartment is up and running, I've got all the basic furnishings now. I do have a guest room in case any friends would like to visit...? I just got done having six guys stay for a week and a half. It was an AWESOME time, but I'm ready to start getting to bed at a decent hour again. That's it for now, much more to come over the next week! :) I'll finish off with a picture from a trip to Green Lake.

(Artist at Green Lake)

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