Monday, November 06, 2006

New Apartment

I'm in a rush for this post 'cause...... I just rented my new apartment! I'm seriously excited - I looked at nearly 10 places in all, and this one captured me immediately when I saw it. It is VERY clean - those of you who have looked for apartments in Kunming know how exceptional that is. Come to find out that the previous renter's were Americans who knew how to take care of a place. It's HUGE, by far the largest I've ever stayed in. Only one small drawback to the whole thing.... There's nothing in it! :) So I've got alot of shopping (and spending. sigh...) ahead of me, hopefully beginning with a refridgerator today - oh! and a mattress! I'll probably post some pictures in a few days when I get internet turned on over there..

Anybody have extra furniture they'd like to donate? :)

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